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Presentation on the survival of humanity

My first Poster presentation! Today at a conference on Theoretical Population Ethics at the Philosophy Department of Oxford University. I try to jolt the intuition that it has intrinsic value that humanity survives, independently of the future lives that may be lived given survival. I then discuss how this value may be accommodated in population axiology.

Conference organized + presentation on ideal family constellations

Yesterday and today, we are running a conference on the theme “Beyond the Nuclear Family: The Philosophy of Close Personal Relationships” here at Umeå University, we being me and my colleagues Daniela Cutas and Anca Gheaus, collaborators in the research project Close Personal Relationships, Children and the Family. Very happy to see so many interesting speakers and with such diversity of expertise and level of seniority coming together for fruitful discussion. My presentation is titled “Should Parents Love Each Other?” and explores some possible family constellation from the perspective of ensuring important family relationship values.

Talk in Belfast on food preferences

Today at Queen’s University Belfast, I take part in a workshop on “Food Policy between Public Health and Ethical Pluralism”, giving a talk on “Reasonable and unreasonable food preferences”.

Talk in Health Equity Series

Today I give a talk in the Theme Equity in Health organized by various medical departments here at Umeå University. The title was “Frameworks for public health decision-making: What values? What priorities?”, a slight modification of my Münster talk earlier this fall.

Talk at Umeå workshop

My fellow participants in the research project “Close personal relationships, children and the family”, Daniela Cutas and Anca Gheaus, organize a workshop here at Umeå university today and tomorrow. Today I talk under the heading “Decoupling Parenthood and Romantic Relationships”, arguing for the conceptual, and perhaps even in practice, decoupling or disentangling of these two types of relationships.

Invited talk – Münster

Today I give a talk to the Centre for Advanced Study in Bioethics in Münster, on how we should make decisions regarding public health issues.

Manchester Presentation

Today, at the Mancept Workshops in Political Theory, I present some thoughts on the room for reproductive liberty in the face of the environmental challenges we face today. The talk is part of a workshop organized by Christian Münthe, on Reproductive Public Health Ethics.

Yokohama presentation

Today, at the Congress of the International Society for Utilitarian Studies, in Yokohama, Japan, I present the basics of a population axiology that provides substantial neutrality for additions (that is it means that adding a new life to an existing population does not make that population better).

Workshop documentation

The workshop Respecting Context-Dependent Preferences, which I organized at Umeå University March 21-22,  was filmed by Sam Wren-Lewis. Today this documentation is made freely available here.

Workshop: Respecting Context-dependent Preferences

Today and tomorrow, I run a workshop on this theme at Umeå University. Speakers include:

Richard Arneson (UC San Diego)
Luc Bovens (London School of Economics)
Sarah Conly (Bowdoin/Chicago)
Jason Hanna (Northern Illinois)
Sven Ove Hansson (KTH, Stockholm)
Kalle Grill (Umeå)
Fabienne Peter (Warwick)
Danny Scoccia (New Mexico State)
Robert Sugden (East Anglia)
Torbjörn Tännsjö (Stockholm)

All pre-registered participants welcome!

Program and further info here.